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Avatar for Zentner, Michael
Zentner, Michael
Purdue University
Avatar for Zhang, Liang
Zhang, Liang
Purdue University
Avatar for Zhang, Chao
Zhang, Chao
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Avatar for Zhang, Lei
Zhang, Lei
China University of Mining and Technology
Avatar for Zhang, Yunlan
Zhang, Yunlan
Purdue University
Yunlan Zhang received her bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering in 2012 from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. In 2014, she earned...
Avatar for zhang, jingde
zhang, jingde
sino-wind energy group ltd
Avatar for Zhang, Dianyun
Zhang, Dianyun
University of Connecticut
Avatar for Zhang, Xuanwen
Zhang, Xuanwen
Purdue University
Xuanwen Zhang, currently a student  in School of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Purdue University.
Avatar for Zhang, Wenchang
Zhang, Wenchang
Tsinghua University
Avatar for Zhao, Wei
Zhao, Wei
Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering, Virginia Tech
I am a Ph.D candidate in Aerospace Engineering in Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering at Virginia Tech. I am currently working in...
Avatar for Zhao, Huijuan (Jane)
Zhao, Huijuan (Jane)
Clemson University
Avatar for Zhao, Banghua
Zhao, Banghua
Purdue University
Banghua Zhao is a PhD student in Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering at Purdue University under Dr. Wenbin Yu's supervision...
Avatar for zhe, wei III
zhe, wei III
Purdue University
Avatar for Zheng, Juntao
Zheng, Juntao
Purdue University
Juntao Zheng, currently a senior at Purdue University, major in dynamics and control and minor in structure. 
Avatar for Zhou, Wu
Zhou, Wu
Michigan State University
Avatar for Zhou, Lingxuan
Zhou, Lingxuan
Purdue University
Avatar for Zhou, Jianhui
Zhou, Jianhui
University of New Brunswick
Wood composites