By Bo Peng1, Su Tian1, Lingxuan Zhou1, Wenbin Yu1

1. Purdue University



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This resource contains the download of the release package of ABAQUS-SwiftComp GUI.  Please be advised that what you download is the GUI only, you have to fill the form at http://analyswift.com/software-trial/ to request SwiftComp from AnalySwift LLC for performing the analysis. Manual and the source codes for the interface can be found in the Supporting Documents. If you want a quick start, please watch our ABAQUS-SwiftComp GUI Tutorial Video Series.

Please ask your question inside the Forum of Prof. Yu's Research Group.




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  • Bo Peng; Su Tian; Lingxuan Zhou; Wenbin Yu (2016), "ABAQUS-SwiftComp GUI," http://cdmhub.org/resources/1134.

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