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Recovery results

It is mentioned that there was a bug fixed in the recovery module version VABS 3.2.1, wondering what is that. We are trying to recover the result for a prismatic beam, with active inclusion in a MEMS cantilever. But somehow getting mismatch in 3D u3 displacement with full 3D ABAQUS results. All other displacements are matching perfectly. The reason is unknown.

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    I searched through the source codes. That happened in early 2010. It is hard for me to identify now. One bug I can see is that we forgot to initialize strain_tim. And another is to correct the dir_cos_1D computation, it will affect the nonlinear recovery. By the way, it is better to ask questions in my research group swiftcomp. As only questions asked in that group I can will get  notified right away.


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