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Simple spreadsheets for pre dimensioning composite plates (like flanges in an I-beam)

Hello everybody,


I am looking for some 'simple' spreadsheets (or papers describing the equations)  for pre dimensioning composite plates (like flanges in an I-beam).

The I-beam I need to pre-design is a cantilever one with distributed aerodynamic load along its span.

I have coded some of them (which I can share if you want) but I would like to check if the implementation of the theory is done properly checking it against some already solved examples.


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Any help 

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    It is not clear what equations and what are the objective function you are targetting for dimensioning. If you model the I-beam as a beam, want the torsional stiffness or bending for certain amount, then you can use VABS. If you need to size the structure for buckling or other structural behavior, you need 1D beam solve like GEBT if the structure is slender.

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