Microscale modelling and homogenization of dielectric properties

  1. Anonymous

    Homogenization in Abaqus-Swiftcomp GUI, error in python code.



  2. Orzuri Rique


    Unfortunately, the piezoelectric homogenization is not implemented in the current version of Abaqus SwiftComp GUI. However, you can still use Abaqus SwiftComp GUI to create an input file that you can manually modify before running it with SwiftComp. To do so, select "Elastic" in analysis type and "Only generate input file. Do not run SwiftComp". This will create you an input file that contains the mesh. Then, you need to manually modify the input file to include the dielectric constituent properties and select "Piezoelectric" homogenization following the manual of SwiftComp (  

    I hope it helps. 

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