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    I kindly need help in installing SwiftComp GUI to my Abaqus 2.16 version. The youtube video did not help me a lot. I have a license from AnalySwift for SwiftComp, but I don't know how to install the GUI to my Abaqus. Can anyone please help me?

    Secondly, I need a mentor, someone to talk to, who can show me how to use these tools may be over zoom or something. I am researching a novel material to be used in the power industry, and I feel the tools here at cdmHUB can help tremendously, but there are too many parts to the tools, and it gets confusing on how to go about using them. I NEED HELP, CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP and DIRECTION?

    Thank you

  2. Orzuri Rique

    Dear Babajide,

    Please find next the steps that you need to follow to install Abaqus SwiftComp GUI:

    1) Download the GUI from:

    2) Unzip the GUI

    3) Go to the unzip folder and double click on the "ABAQUS-SwiftComp GUI" shortcut. Please see the screenshot attached for your reference. This will pop-up Abaqus and you will be able to see the GUI as a Toolbox there. Please note that you will need to do this last step every time that you want to use the Abaqus SwiftComp GUI.

    As for the second request, my advice is to go first through the Abaqus SwiftComp GUI manual, step by step wiki tutorials and YouTube videos. Please see the links below. This will allow you to have more specific questions that can be later addressed through a zoom session. 

    - Abaqus SwiftComp GUI manual:

    - Abaqus SwiftComp GUI Wiki tutorials:

    - YouTube channel:

    Best regards,