Bug in loading .geo file using gmsh2SC

  1. Alberto Fernandez

    First I want to ask if there is an established way of reporting bugs for this software. I mean some sort of bug tracker. If there is let me know and I’ll post this there.

    There is a bug in the way gmsh2SC loads a .geo file that has material information. To reproduce it one just needs to start a new project, introduce some materials and save the file. At that point, opening the file show the material as Physical Point which I assumed is the gmsh entity chosen to keep that info.

    We can now close gmsh4SC and open it again. After opening the .geo file those materials are not available to use in a laminate. Also, if we open the viability management window it is clear that there are no physical groups there. However, we can get to the materials with an ugly workaround.

    The trick is trying to add a material as soon as the material window opens (thus material id is at 1). This throws an error, but, upon closing the error dialog, the material id would jump to the last id available. Now closing that window (adding material window) we can open any of the laminate creating work-flows (for example a 1d SG) and the materials are available.


  2. Xin Liu

    Dear Alberto,

    Thank you for sharing the trick. I just tested the workaround you mentioned, and it works. 

    As far as I can remember, Gmsh4SC cannot open a geo file and read the material information from it for some reasons. However, the material window is coded in a way to avoid duplicated material name, so the codes read the .geo file to check if the material has been defined. I think that's the reason the trick works.

    Thanks a lot for reporting the bug.