Should SwiftComp MIX001 match RVE Analysis with Mixed BCs

  1. Ernesto Camarena

    Hi I have a question for Bo but others can chime in.

    In regards to mechanical properties:

    For the in-plane load cases (Load Cases 1, 2, and 6), I have an RVE analysis that uses PBC for the in-plane displacements and traction free on the Z-faces. The out-of-plane load cases (Load Case 3, 4, 5) are homogenous traction BCs with the appropriate in-plane PBCs. I have a script that tells me the effective properties from my RVE.

    Should I expect MIX001 in SwiftComp to give identical results to the Mixed BCs described above?

    Do I need several Unit Cells in the RVE analysis to match 1 UC from SwiftComp?

    Thank you,

    Ernesto Camarena