SwiftComp seems to ignore the type of model

  1. Alberto Fernandez

    I've been trying to run swiftcomp with the section of a beam defined by me. I've tried changing the first integer (submodel) in the input file to 1 in order to get a Timoshenko type of beam. However, results are the same (a 4x4 matrix). Just to explore, I've also tried setting it to 2, and 3 with the same result.

    Is this its expected behaviour? I would expect a 6x6 matrix as output

  2. Xin Liu

    Current, SwiftComp only provides 4x4 beam stiffness matrix, which can be considered as the Euler-Bernoulli beam model. Timoshenko beam model will be available in the future releases. If you want to get 6x6 Timoshenko type beam stiffness matrix, you can use VABS on cdmhub.

  3. Wenbin Yu

    We are working on implementing MSG-based Timoshenko model right now.