A Problem on float.lic

  1. shao buer

    Today, I suddenly found that float licence was useless, as shown in the following figure. License file "float. lic" is not for this host. The key to the problem is that I could still use this float licence a month ago. I don't know what caused the sudden failure of licence.


  2. Wenbin Yu

    Can you open float.lic to find out the license info, and check with your machine info? ---- Emailed forum response from
  3. shao buer

    Dear Prof.Yu

    Thank you for your reply.I compared the computer information with the contents of float.lic, the two are the same. Figure 1 below is the information of my computer. The red circle is the Host name and Mac Address. Figure 2 below is the content of float.lic. A month ago, float.lic was still available.


  4. Wenbin Yu

    That is strange. We might need to regenerate a license file for you.

  5. shao buer

    Dear Prof.Yu

    Thanks for your help, here is the information to generate a floating license.

    Hostname: PC-20180625QLMQ

    Platform: win10 x64

    Mac Address: 4C-ED-FB-5F-E6-B1


  6. Wenbin Yu

    I sent you an new license, hoping it works. ---- Emailed forum response from
  7. shao buer

    Dear Pro.f Yu

    Thanks for your help,I have not received the license file here. Where did you send the license file? My email address is