Structure analysis linkage

  1. Arash Samaei



    I have generated a 2D SG using ABAQUS-SwiftComp GUI and have run homogenization and dehomogenization for it. Then, on the new ABAQUS model, I have created a beam structure and, then, when I try to import homogenized 2D SG file to be used in the properties for the beam, it indicates the error attached for your review. Would you please let me know how I can resolve this issue?


    Thank you.

  2. Bo Peng

    Hi Arash,

    I checked the GUI but cannot reproduce your issue. Could you please try to use another work directory with a shorter path and also try to use a shorter file name? The error seems due to the breakage of Abaqus file name requirements. 

    Please let me know if both these tricks cannot work.

    Best regards,


  3. Arash Samaei

    Hi Bo,


    Thank you very much for your advice. It worked very well. 

    After importing the homogenized SG, it is not going to the "beam" model, please see attached. I am a little bit lost on how we can use this homogenized output in the macroscale beam since there is no tutorial on this part for ABAQUS-SwiftComp users. Would you please look into the file and let me know how to move forward with using the imported homogenized SG?

    Please take out the .txt extension from the file when you open it. This is because your webpage does not allow .cae extension to be attached. 


    Thank you,


  4. Bo Peng

    Hi Arash,

    When you conducted the homogenization analysis, you chose the homogenized model to be 3D solid, therefore what you have obtained is a material stiffness. You can use this material in a 3D solid model in Abaqus using continuum elements such as C3D8R, C3D20R etc.  

    If you want to model the macro structure as a beam using beam elements in Abaqus, for example, B31, B32 etc., then you need to choose the homogenized model to be 1D beam when you conduct the homogenization analysis. This will yield a beam stiffness matrix which can be fully populated (from SwiftComp.exe). 

    However it should be noted that Abaqus only support beam elements with simple beam stiffness matrix(EI,  GJ, etc.), of which many coupling terms are not supported. If insisting on using Abaqus beam models, we cannot fully take the advantage of the accurate beam stiffness matrix generated by SwiftComp. Therefor it is better to use other methods,  for example, analytic methods that can use the fully populated beam stiffness matrix when calculating the macro beam behavior.

    Best regards,