Inconsistent Gmesh Values

  1. Raul Bernardo de Pontes Pires

    Good afternoon, I'm starting micromechanics studies using SwiftComp software, I tried to follow the example of the software demo video, I did exactly as it is in the video but the voltage values (S11) were quite different. Following is an image of the result.  The maximum gave 232GPa.


  2. Xin Liu


    I don't know which video you followed. It is better to share the link.

    Also, you need to provide more information about how you perform the analysis so that we may better help you solve the issue. At least one issue I can tell from your screenshot is the unstructured mesh. If you used common SG function to create the model, you should not get the mesh in your model.

    For the other question you asked about the Sij and Eij, they are 3D stress and strain components. You should be able to find the definition in your textbook.

  3. Raul Bernardo de Pontes Pires

    Dear sir
    I followed exactly the same steps shown in this video, but my results were different. I didn't change any drive options in ansys, I left it exactly as shown in this video. The only change I made was during the homogenization process where I further refined the mesh.
  4. Xin Liu


    It seems you are using Ansys-SwiftComp GUI. We also have a different tool directly integrated with Gmsh and I thought you are using that one. It is better to specify the tool you are using in the question, because we have different people developing different tools. I think my colleague who developed Ansys-SwiftComp GUI may be able to answer your question.


  5. Raul Bernardo de Pontes Pires

    Dear sir,
    I am using the Ansys-SwiftComp graphical user interface. What would be the other tool integrated in Gmsh?