Issues installing SwiftComp-Ansys

  1. Homero Valladares


    I am having problems to install the SwiftComp module for Ansys (Windows 10). I downloaded the application files and added the SwiftComp folder to the environmental variable path. I restarted my computer and typed SwiftComp (and SwiftComp.exe) in the command prompt. However, the error message with the name of the computer host is not being generated. I need that name to request the license for SwiftComp.

    Also when I double click the SwiftComp.exe, a windows opens but suddenly closes.

    What can I do to solve this issue (or obtain the hostname to request the license)?

    Best regards,



  2. Homero Valladares


    I think I was able to solve the issue. I had to add the SwiftComp path in the system environmental variables (not the user environmental variables). I found the answer in this discussion:

    Now I have provided Analyswift the hostname of my computer so that they can issue the license.

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    P.D. I have attached the figure that helped me to figure out how to solve the issue.


  3. Austin Graham

    I believe I had a very similar problem. 

    I was able to install SwiftComp for Ansys and run the extension; however, when I go to actually solve the homogenization, I get the error that I don't have swiftcomp.exe.

    Within the folder I downloaded, attached to the final project assignment I also didn't see the swiftcomp executable there in the folder.

    How did you go about getting swiftcomp.exe? 

    From there, hopefully Ansys can find the filepath and perform the required solves. 



  4. AnalySwift LLC

    Hello Austin, please request a trial of the SwiftComp executable from AnalySwift at under the appropriate form.

  5. Austin Graham

    I am first struggling how to request a trial license by "Type SwiftComp, it will output: Something wrong with the license file" part of the readme.txt. 

    Next, since I do not have the "Design Modeler" option in my geometry box, I created a geometry and imported it; however, the element types are not supported by SwiftComp (this is the error I'm getting). How do I set the specific element type to mesh the geometry with so SwiftComp can analyze it?


    Thank you.

  6. Austin Graham

    I will try to ask my questions in more concise ways:

    1) After installing swiftcomp, how do request the trial license as it states in the readme.txt file? I see no where to provide Analyswift my computer host name.

    2) After installing the GUI for ANSYS, I do not have the "design modeler" for my geometry. How do i get this?

    3) If I can't get this "design modeler" how do I set what type of element to mesh my geometry with? (I've made a customer 3D SG in solidworks and imported it into ANSYS)

    Thank you for the help.

  7. Wenbin Yu

    You need to send your computer name to the address where you get the code from. I will ask Mr. Banghua Zhao, the developer of Ansys GUI, to answer your second question. ---- Emailed forum response from
  8. Banghua Zhao

    Hi Austin,

    For your second question, the ANSYS Workbench should have "design modeler" (Correct me if the newer version of ANSYS Workbench doesn't include design modeler). In default, the geometry is opened in Spaceclaim. To open design modeler, right click the geometry section and you will see design modeler option below Spaceclaim.

    For your third question, you can use 8-node linear brick element, 20-node quartic brick element, 4-node linear tetrahedron element, or 10-node tetrahedron element for 3D SG. Note, it can't have pyramid element or it will get an error. You can give it a try by auto mesh.

    Also, it is fine if you don't have design modeler. Importing 3D SG from Solidworks do the same job as design modeler.

    To request the trail license, you can refer to Prof. Yu's reply: "You need to send your computer name to the address where you get the code from".

  9. Homero Valladares

    Hi Austin,

    I was able to enforce the use of tetrahedral elements (compatible with SwiftComp) by doing the following:

    - Right-click in mesh/insert/method

    - Select all the bodies of the SG (ctrl+left click))/apply

    - Method: tetrahedrons

    - Element order: linear/or quadratic

    - Then update your mesh

    Once the mesh has been generated, select SwiftComp homogenization and press solve to obtain the text file with the homogenized properties.

    Hope it helps