ANSYS Workbench SwiftComp issues (not performing homogenization)

  1. Homero Valladares


    I have installed SwiftComp (license file added to its folder) and tested it with the desktop gmsh application. It worked well (performed homogenization). Now, I have installed the Ansys workbench application in version 17.1, but it fails to perform homogenization analysis. Not sure what is the problem given that SwiftComp works for the desktop gmsh application. I have the following questions:

    - Is there any way to track the error (error file)?

    - Do I have to paste the  ACT_ANSYSWorkbenchSwiftCompGUI_v1.1 folder in any Ansys directory? If so, where do I have to paste it?

    When I try to perform the homogenization, the fiber and matrix geometries are marked with a green x and the Solid Homogenization Settings are marked with a red warning. What do these symbols mean?

    Any help is highly appreciated.


  2. Homero Valladares


    The Ansys Workbench plugin works well for ANSYS version 19.0. Thanks, Dhananjay Rao for suggesting updating my Ansys version to 19.0 or higher.


  3. Austin Graham

    Ran into an issue during the dehomogenization.



  4. Austin Graham

    During the dehomogenization, I got the error and it wouldn't complete the run. 

    Has anyone had issues with this? 

    I also can't open or attach the error file so I'm not sure how to trouble shoot this.



  5. Banghua Zhao

    Hi Austin, Can you attach a screenshot? What are the input parameters for de homogenization? Banghua 在 2019年12月9日,上午12:19,Austin Graham @ cdmHUB - The Composites HUB <> 写道:  ---- Emailed forum response from
  6. Austin Graham

    What parameters do you need? 
    I am choosing an element and trying to use the extract results from the SwiftComp extension.