SwiftComp Licensing Issues

  1. Anonymous

    After receiving and saving your license file into the SwiftComp directory (where I extracted all of the SwiftComp files), I issued the command specified in the "readme" file (SwiftComp 3D H). Unfortunately this did not work properly and threw the following message: Cannot open the license file. I then deleted all of the extracted files, leaving only the compressed folder and the license file. I extracted the files again, reran the command, and obtained the same error message. I have been scanning the user manual, but I don't see anything that sticks out at me.  Based on what I have mentioned, what I am doing wrong?

  2. Wenbin Yu

    Please make sure that the system does not automatically add an extension to the file "license" which you save the attachment and make sure that the license file is in the same folder as your input file.