homogenization in texgen4sc

  1. Béjaoui Ghaith


    Everytime i run microscale homogenization in TEXGEN4SC i got a warning ''something is wrong.Please re-run the analysis.''.also if i click on mesoscale there is no response.

  2. Xin Liu


    You need to provide more information about how you performed the analysis. I just tested the tool and it worked perfectly.

    Please follow ALL the steps in the YouTube video "" and the document "". Let me know if it does not work.

  3. Béjaoui Ghaith

    Hello .

    Is it possible to use texgen4sc in my computer not as an online  tool , i downloaded the file and the manual but i coudn't find a way to intall it or to add to the original texgen .any help please ?

  4. Xin Liu


    Currently, there is no stable installation file for texgen4sc. The contains all the source codes and you need to compile the codes on your local computer. You can find the instruction about compiling texgen from the official texgen website. However, I would recommend you to use the online version as compiling open source codes could be VERY difficult.




  5. Béjaoui Ghaith

    Thank you sir ,

    i'm working on mechanical behaviour of a fabric woven composite with a 200*50 mm as dimension  , after editing the domain of the unit cell to get the right dimension  i got an error  '' Server disconnected (code: 1006)''.any help ?

  6. Xin Liu

    You are welcome. It looks like a connection issue with cdmHUB. Please try again. You can submit a ticket to cdmHUB if you keep receiving this error.

  7. Béjaoui Ghaith

    thank you sir for your reply ,

    sir, it's not clear for me the differnce between texgen4sc and swiftcomp and wich tool should i use in my case.

    my project is to simulate the tensile test with Abaqus on a fabric woven composite ( satin5,200*50mm ) so i need to homogenize the fabric into a 3d solid to perform the tensile test .could you please help me by clarifying the main steps to follow for my project .

  8. Xin Liu

    SwiftComp is a general multiscale and multiphyscis constitutive modeling tool and it is not restricted to textile composites. TexGen4SC is designed for multiscale modeling of textile composites by integrating SwiftComp into Texgen.

    All you want is to get homogenized properties of woven composite, then you should use texgen4sc. I don't know the requirement of your project and there are many ways to perform the analysis you mentioned. I would suggest you to read the relevant literature first to get some ideas of how others did this problem. The simplest example is to first get effective properties using texgen4sc, and perform tensile test in Abaqus using solid elements with a nonlinear material model you are comfortable with.

  9. Béjaoui Ghaith

    Thank you sir ,

    how can i save the output file of the homogenization by TEXGEN4SC  in my computer ?

  10. Xin Liu

    You can refer to this video ( to see how to transfer files between your local computer and cdmHUB server.

  11. Béjaoui Ghaith

    Thank you sir ,

    i managed to have the mesoscale homog. but for the microscale one(following the youtube video) i keep getting this error message mentioned in the image. Any solution?



  12. Xin Liu

    It is wired. I just tested the code with the same parameters in your screenshot and it runs smoothly.

    Basically, you first create your woven model, and then select microscale homogenization, and change the parameters according to your model and then click finish. Please follow the steps and let me know if you still get the error message.

  13. Béjaoui Ghaith


    thank you sir .

    1/for the microscale ,i still get the error message.fortunately i'm working with the mesoscale.

    2/Can texgen4sc generate the hyperelastic analysis ?

  14. Xin Liu

    You are welcome.

    1. It is weird. I will try to reproduce the error using another account.

    2. No. 

  15. Xin Liu

    You can try to use the microscale model now if you are still interested. It should work now. Thank you. 

  16. Béjaoui Ghaith

    i tried it and it worked fine,thanks.

    however i would like to ask if there is a solution for hyperelastic analysis?