SwiftComp CAD functions Problem

  1. Shuyu Wang

    Hello dear all


    I'm trying to learn SwiftComp follow the Gmsh4SC tutorial #1,Analysis of a Composite Laminated Beam.

    When I do the structural analysis part, I can't find the Elementary entities button in Geometry button.(see attachment)

    Why there is no Elementary entities button? How can I add points and draw the geometry of a model without Elementary entities button? Do I need  any licenses to use the SwiftComp tool on cdmHUB?


    Thanks in advance.


  2. Xin Liu

    The elementary entities button has been removed to avoid possible issues in user-defined SGs. 

    To create a geometry,  you can click edit file and add the following lines into the file:






    Save the file and close it. Click Reload. The L denotes the length of the beam and lc denotes the initial mesh size.


  3. Shuyu Wang

    Thank you so much for your reply ,Dr.Liu! I'll try again.