Problem about ABAQUS-swiftcomp

  1. Yu Yang

    Dear all,

    We use ABAQUS-swiftcomp to model isotropic and homogeneous rectangular plates. The geometric parameters of SG include side length L = 40mm, thickness t = 0.5mm, and material properties are E= 206GPa, v = 0.3. The obtained tensile stiffness is the same as the analytical solution, but the difference between the obtained bending stiffness and the analytical solution is large (see attachment). Could you please tell the  the reason? THX

  2. Wenbin Yu

    Please make sure you need to use quadratic element to compute the bending stiffness correctly. The side length is not important for your problem. Only thing matters is the thickness and material properties. I prepared the input by hand. You can check it will output correct results.  


    0                   # structural submodel

    0 0                 # initial curvature for a plate

    0 0 0 0             # analysis elem_flag trans_flag temp_flag
    1 3 1 1 0   0        # nSG nnode nelem nmate nslave

    1  -0.25             # nodal coordinates: node_no y1 y2 y3
    2   0.25 
    3   0
    1 1 1 2 3 0 0          # element material type & connectivity: element_no mtype node1 node2 

    1 0 1               # mtype isotropy ntemp
    100 0.6             # temperature density   
    206000 0.3

    1.0  # volume of SG

  3. Yu Yang

    THX, professor, It works. 

    There are another problem. ABAQUS swiftcomp GUI is really convenient for irregular cell computing.

    But I have a few questions that are very confusing. I hope to get your help.

    As shown in the figure  (see attachment), the equivalent 1D stiffness matrix cannot be imported into ABAQUS, but the equivalent 2D and 3D stiffness matrix can succeed. It bothers me when I want to make a macroscopic beam model.

  4. Wenbin Yu

    This is because Abaqus does not have a way to use beam stiffness matrix as direct input. You have to extract corresponding terms as inputs for Abaqus instead. 

  5. Dawit zet bo

    Dear All,

    I am using RVE of my structure I first wanna use only the Matrix then combined it with fiber. Hence I created the 3D RVE, then input the material property, then Meshed it. Then I did Homoginization using ABAQUS SwiftComp. But I face two problems

    1. The notepad will not display as it does in the tutorials of ABAQUS SwiftComp immediately after it finishes homogenization

    2. I am getting weird results instead of a 6 by 6 stiffness matrix and engineering constants (Please see attached file)

    Appreciated your help!!