Display problem in Abaqus SwiftComp GUI homogenization

  1. charlie Yu

    When i open the homogenization interface in ABAQUS SwiftComp GUI,it dose not display completely.How can i make the homogenization interface display completely

    Homogenization window incomplete interface display

  2. Haodong Du

    Yeah. It's a known bug. Before it's fixed, you can use Tab to navigate to the Run button and press Enter.

  3. Anonymous

    Dear Scholars;

    I try to run homogenization for my 3D structure and after I run I got weird results instead of a 6 by 6 matrix and Engineering constants like we see in the Tutorial of Swift Comp. And also in the tutorial, the Notepad with the result will open automatically after finishing the homogenization, but in my case, it will not open like that, and I have to go to the working directory on top of that result is not correct.

    Please find attached NotePad results.


    Hope someone will help me.