How to request SwiftComp

  1. Lina Shang

    Professor Yu,

             I want to use SwiftComp to calculate the effective elastic constants of a ±450 IM7/8552 graphite/epoxy weave prepreg. I downloaded and read the related files about SwiftComp I could find on cdmhub and get a little familiar with this software. Then I used SwiftComp Standard through launch tool and followed the examples listed in Gmsh4SC Manual to learn how to use it. But after I finished the calculation and stored the result file in the data file under my account, I don't know how to reopen this file or download it to my laptop.

            In addition, may you tell me how can I request SwiftComp (including Gmsh)to use on my laptop? Using it through launch tool is very inconvenient for me.

  2. Wenbin Yu

    I will Mr. Allan Wood to answer your question how to obtain the software to run on your own computer.

    Emailed forum response from
  3. Lina Shang

    Good. Thank you very much for your timely reply.

  4. AnalySwift LLC

    Lina, I have sent an email with instructions for accessing the desktop version of SwiftComp.  

    Users interested in the desktop version, please send your request to

  5. Lina Shang

    Professor Yu,

                 I have sent my computer name and platform I want to use SwiftComp to you, please check your email at