About Gmsh4SC.exe

  1. liu guo tian

    I downloaded from the website file, why no the instruction manual said executable file Gmsh4SC.exe it? Is there a limit to users in other universities do?

        If there are no restrictions on other school student, if you can send me a complete installation package.

        In addition, because China's speed limit, our school with a web version of the SC very slow.

        Thank you, again more than the teacher replies, very impressed!


  2. Xin Liu

    Hi Guotian, contains all the source files for compiling Gmsh4SC.exe (Gmsh4SC on Linux). There is no executable file in You need to compile the corresponding executable file according to  the README.txt file. By compiling executable file from its source files, some potential  issues due to different OS will be avoided. 

    Gmsh4SC is built on open source code gmsh, if you meet some problems when you compile executable file, you can also refer to the instructions of compiling gmsh since there are a lot of related information you can find online. 

    Please let me you if you have any questions.




  3. liu guo tian



    还有一个小问题:我自己申请的账号不能使用SwiftComp Standard这个tool,但是用普渡大学自己学校学生的账号,可以用。我现在都是用别人的账号来做算例。



  4. Wenbin Yu

    Guotian, can you provide a screenshot for the error message according what is suggested by the system admin. It is a bug of the system should be fixed. The cloud version of SwiftComp is not only for Purdue students.  Please respond to Ticket #958 and our admin will help fix it for you.

  5. Xin Liu

    Hi Guotian,

    I know Gmsh is not easy to compile, and I am trying to upload an executable Gmsh4SC.exe to supporting documents. Now we are going through some technology problems, but I think the problems will be fixed very soon. Once the problems are solved, you will be able to get Gmsh4SC.exe from supporting documents later in this week.  I hope it will work in your OS. You need to send a request through Hub to join that group so that you can use SwiftComp on Hub, and I think this step is required.





  6. liu guo tian

    余老师你好,我已经提交了截图,也在Ticket #958中回复了,非常感谢你的帮忙!





  7. Wenbin Yu

    Guotian, please try to use English for your questions and comments, which is also good for yourself. No matter how bad your English is, most of us can guess what you means. But don't use Chinese as many others could not understand. cdmHUB is an international platform. The reason we use cloud solution for our Tech support is that if others have similar questions, they can find answers without asking us and we answer again.

    You don't have to join any groups to use SwiftComp. 

  8. liu guo tian

    thanks,i will try to use english communication!

  9. liu guo tian

    Today,I find a little bug when I use Gmsh4SC.exe for Liuxin  compiled.

    It is normal before I click RUN, click on the RUN after the emergence of the following command prompt box?

    If there is a problem I use?

    I run Gmsh4SC.exe as administrator.


  10. Wenbin Yu

    Please read the readme file coming with the SwiftComp release. Set the path to SwiftComp.exe, then you should be able to use it on your own local machine. 

  11. Wenbin Yu

    The simplest way is the put SwiftComp.exe, the license file, Gmsh4sc.exe in the same folder. Read the user manual carefully. According to the manual:

    If you prefer to run SwiftComp™ on your local machine, you need to unzip the distribution package into a folder of your own choice. Then you can either double click the executable file Gmsh4SC.exe (Gmsh4SC on Linux) or start a command line window to launch Gmsh4SC. Launching from a command line window is recommended as it will gives you the opportunity to observe the running of the program in the background. In the command line, if you launch Gmsh4SC in a folder different from the folder where you have stored both Gmsh4SC and SwiftComp executables, you need to set the path to the folder where you stored the executables for the system to find the code.

  12. Xin Liu

    Hi Guotian,


    As Prof. Yu  mentioned above, the simplest way is to put Gmsh4SC.exe and SwiftComp.exe in the same folder, and put SwiftComp license file and your model file (.geo file) in the same folder. 





  13. liu guo tian

    OK, I try,thanks both of you!

  14. liu guo tian

    thank  Prof. Yu and Xin very much!

    It works in my laptop,that's great!