ANSYS-SwiftComp GUI is available

  1. Wenbin Yu

    For those who are ANSYS users, you can download the ANSYS-SwiftComp GUI from supporting documents of Feel free to make suggestions for improvement.

  2. Nagappa Siddgonde

    Dear sir,

    I have installed ANSYS-SwiftComp GUI, but i am facing problem while i am going  run homogenization  it is showing "something is wrong  please refer output window" i was tried 15,17 and 18, ansys verson, so far finally i am not getting results file.  so far  i need your kind suggetion


  3. Banghua Zhao

    Dear Nagappa,

    Thanks for your question! There may be different reasons for this problem. The most common one is the license file. Make sure to put the license file in your working directory. For example, as shown in the figure below, the "honeycomb" is my working directory, the file "license" is included in this folder. Also, make sure that you have SwiftComp installed in your computer. Please let me know if your still have this problem and it would be great if your could attach a screenshot of the ANSYS Output Window.


  4. AMRANE Belaid


    i have same problem , when i   run homogenization i get this err,For example, in  figure below, the "B" is my working directory, the file "license" is included in this folder 



  5. Wenbin Yu

    The license file must be in your current Ansys working folder. ---- Emailed forum response from
  6. AMRANE Belaid

    yes i already put it 

     in figure above 'B' is my current Ansys working folder. the file "license" is included in this folder 

  7. Wenbin Yu

    Have you followed the instruction in ---- Emailed forum response from
  8. Anonymous

    yes i followed all the instructions 

    but  my ansys version is 19.0 the installation is sample .i don t need to change anything 

    just run install batch  file as administrator and enter ansys version in my case (190)

    is it not !!


  9. Hamsasew Sertse

    Please make sure you type "190" during installation. If it is appropriately installed, then the issue is related to license.

  10. AMRANE Belaid

    hi Hamsasew Sertse 

    yes i typed (190) during installation process .it's installed successfully.



  11. Banghua Zhao

    Hi AMRANE,

    Can you try to run SwiftComp in command window to see if you can successfully run SwiftComp? I guess that the SwiftComp.exe is not included in environment variable. 


  12. Anonymous

    Hi Banghua Zhao

    does mean it's installed successfully???


  13. Banghua Zhao

    Hi AMRANE,

    Thanks for your patience! SwiftComp has been successfully installed. But currently, I am not sure about your issue. I see there is no SG model in the figure of your first post. One possible solution might be recreating SG and rerun homogenization. Please make sure that you have created SG first before homogenization. If the issue still happens, please let me know.


  14. AMRANE Belaid

    Hi Banghua Zhao

    thanks for your help ! 

     i create  SG first before homogenization but the issue still happens.



  15. Rajamannar Swamy

    Dear All,

    Unable to run 'Homogenization', error found ' Something is wrong, please refer output window'.

    Attached Screen shots

  16. Hamsasew Sertse

    Hello Rajamannar,

    I saw your error file. It appears that you are installing from external drives or without unzipping the zipped file or so.  I recommend you to install it using following steps:

    1. Unzip the file, put it any where you want, example on desktop

    2. Right click on the "Install.bat" in the unzipped folder and run it as administrator

    3. You will be requested to input your ANSYS version- for example for v150 Ansys type "150"- installation will be automatic

    4. Start your Mechanical APDL launcher and select your installation folder to be the same the unzipped folder for launcher and start your ANSYS.

    If you did it this way, it should work. The last step is,  you need to put the license file in your current folder that you use for ANSYS.


    Hope this helps.


    Please let me know if you have any questions.