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  1. Anonymous


    Good day! I am very new to SwiftComp. I have downloaded Gmsh4SC.exe, SwiftComp.exe (collected from Mr. Allan Wood) and license key (collected from Professor Dr. Yu). I am planning to use this efficient tool from my work station. In the meantime,  I was trying to run a simple model from the cloud. The model consists of two fibers with glass and carbon reinforced in epoxy matrix. I have successfully finished all the steps up to meshing. Then while I am trying to click on Homogenization>Solid Model an error message is being shown as Failure!Output file is not found. I have attached an image of the error message here. Could you please help me in this regard. Thanks in advance! 


  2. Xin Liu


    It would be helpful if you can send me the .geo file. This error message is just to tell you this model can not be analyzed by SwiftComp. Usually, when you define your own models (not using common SGs), it is easy to mess up the line direction, which has been emphasized in Gmsh4SC manual. This might be the possible issue in your model. 




  3. Anonymous

    Hello Mr. Liu, 

    Thank you for your help. I have attached the geo file here. 


  4. Xin Liu



    I checked your file, and there are two problems. One is you didn't define material properties. Please note that this should be the first step after you create a model. The second problem is the line direction that all the lines in 2D SG should be counterclockwise, but in your case, the fiber circle is clockwise. Please see the .geo file in the attachment. Please let me know if you have any questions.




  5. Anonymous

    Hello Mr Liu,

    Thank you for your feedback. I am trying to run it from my own computer, instead of from the cloud. But it is showing me an error, saying that error from open files of sparse solver with info%flag. I have attached the error message as an image with this email. Could you please help me in this regard? 




  6. Wenbin Yu

    The error message is because a previous unfinished run. You need to delete the temp files as suggested by the error message.

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  7. Anonymous

    Thank you Sir. This is now working.