The material behaviour of corrugated shapes

  1. Wenbin Yu

    I have difficulty in understanding your question.

  2. Anonymous

    for equation 31 , which is mentioned that is according to  "classical model of isotropic homogeneous plates " , when I refer to shell and plate theory books , I do not see the ABD expression for a shell that has one layer and is isotropic and has no fibers in one direction and is not a laminate , how we use the term ABD ?


    I do not know the application of the shape in your paper , but at leats it seems like that it does not have upper and bottom layers around the corrugated , so the equivalent is just one layer shell


    please correct me if I am wrong

  3. Anonymous

    is my question Wrong Professor ? 

  4. Anonymous

    Dear Professor , for these structures , does it make difference to assume them periodic in 2 directions while they are periodic in one direction ?

  5. Wenbin Yu

    It is unnecessary but such an assumption should not affect the results.

  6. Anonymous

    I have the feeling in case of 1D periodicity we do not have enough control points to apply All the shear loads

  7. Anonymous

    Thanks for your share.