SwiftComp 1.2 is available along with a significantly updated user manual

  1. Wenbin Yu

    Dear All, 

    SwiftComp 1.2 is available for release. The added capability is to deal with aperiodic structures/materials, partially periodic structures/materials. It can also handle periodic structures/materials which is very difficulty to create a periodic mesh. Also the user manual is significantly updated. 



  2. Anonymous

    Thank you Professor for the updated version. The new manual is also very comprehensive and helpful. I have a few questions though. 

    1) If I get an error message in the command window like the one in Fig. 1 (in the attached PDF file) , can I check y1, y2 and y3 at the same time like I did in Fig. 2? 

    2) I am trying to get the homogenized properties of a simple square pack array. Should I submit the job first before clicking on the Homogenization button? 

    3) Currently I am clicking on the Homogenization button before submitting the job. But I am getting an error message in the command window which is shown in Fig. 3. Then I am trying to run the problem from command window. I am typing SwifComp   proble_name.cae   2D   H. But then I am getting error message shown in Fig. 4.  

    Could you please help me in this regard? 

    Thanks a ton in advance! 

  3. Wenbin Yu

    Have you used the new executable? You need to ask for a new version of SwiftComp.exe.

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  4. Haodong Du

    Hi everyone, 

    1. Could somebody tell me where to find the most up to date version of the manual? I can't find it anywhere on cdmhub.

    2. What's the structure of .sn file of dehomogenization?  I want to know this for the sake of post-processing stuff. 

    It looks like

    #element 1

    node 1 of element 1

    node 2 of element 1


    node n of element 2

    #element 2


    Just want to be sure


  5. Wenbin Yu

    Try ---- Emailed forum response from
  6. Haodong Du

    There's the Manual for Gmsh4SC on that page, but not SwiftComp User Manual.