Is a script available for analyzing several fiber volume fractions?

  1. Ernesto Camarena

    Does anyone already have an automated procedure/script for obtaining effective properties with SwiftComp for several fiber volume fractions? I am working with a custom 2D SG (fiber +matrix only), piezoelectric analysis, and the ABAQUS-SC-GUI.

    Thank you.

  2. Hamsasew Sertse

    If you are working on 2D continuous fiber-reinforced composite, you may use the attached file. You are free to change fiber volume and also mesh if you want.

    You can also modify the script based on your need.

  3. Kishor Shingare

    Sir, i want to evaluate effective Piezoelectric properties of Composite material by using ANSYS Swiftcomp sir please provide me any manual related to Piezoelectric material