Tsai-Wu or Tsai‐Hill failure criteria

  1. Hacer Ariol

    I use recover(_flag=1) to reach cross sectional stress information for calculating Tsai-Wu or Tsai‐Hill failure criteria.

    input.dat.S, ..dat.SM , ..dat.SN, ..dat.SMN files give results for all point or nodes. I think I need only cross sections values. 
    In literature I found some formulas but I cant associate with VABS results. Anyone suggest me a failure formula and how to use Vabs recover results?


  2. Wenbin Yu

    You can use either nodal values, or Gaussian point values expressed in material coordinates. VABS output the six stress components, you should be able to use the 3D version of Tsai-Wu or Tsai-Hill failure criteria. Please also watch for the new release of SwiftComp sometime this summer, which will have various failure criterions already implemented in the code. Wenbin ---- Emailed forum response from
  3. Hacer Ariol

    Prof Yu,

    Thanks for your return and interest. I use VABS to reach stiffness matrix in optimization loop. And also with VABS recover flag I will benefit from six stress components for calculating failure.
    Recover output files give nodal or point data but I need only six stress components values to use in failure formula in optimization loop. In this direction how can I use recover outputs?

    I will examine SwiftComp thanks for your suggesiton. Primarily I want gain strees values with VABS because of avoiding to increase optimization loop time. Add new software is mean that time constraint for me.

    Best Regards..