Questions using VABS code

  1. Sangmin Baek

    Dear all

    I have some questions using VABS code.

     1.    Recently, I downloaded Abaqus-vabs interface code to design airfoil section.

    At that case, the code well genertates specified airfoil shape that consisits of skin, web and fillings.

    I need, however, the section data for generalized airfoil shape.

    For example, single web or multi-fillings etc.. I think the code is specified for 2 web and 1 filling.


    2.    Addition to above question, can I transform abaqus input file to vabs input file?

    I want to transform abaqus 2D section model with arbitrary shape to vabs input file directly.

    At this case, draw and meshing code would be unnecessary just need transform code. Please let me know how to do it.


    3.     If I have 3D beam model, is the code possible to generate sectional vabs file from 3D meshed model?


    4.     How can I get information about section area in output file ?


    5.    Does the vabs code support beam modal analysis?


    Thank you for any help


  2. Su Tian

    Hello Sangmin,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    The Abaqus-VABS GUI and some example files have been updated.

    1. For generalized airfoil shape, you can edit the file 'Shapes.xml' to change the number of webs and fillings, as shown in the figure;
    2. Arbitrary shape can be created and converted to VABS input. Please follow the short tutorial, 'General Cross Section Analysis - Step-byStep.pdf' in the 'Supporting Docs';
    3. Currently user cannot extract 2D cross sections from a 3D model. This feature may be included in the future;
    4. Cross section area can be calculated by Abaqus. Query > Mass properties > Query entire part;
    5. VABS provides cross-sectional properties only. For beam modal analysis, you need other macroscopic structural analysis tools.

    Best regards.


  3. Wenbin Yu

    We provide a code called GEBT for beam analysis including modal analysis. It can be launched on cdmHUB at 

  4. zhao mengmeng

    hello, Su Tian,

    I have read your explanation, and I am working on my own case. I did as your instructions, but after run the script in Abaqus 6.14, it always fails with an error of " The cut operation failed because the base instance was not modified ". This situation happens when I change Web's position from 0.35 to any other value. I am wondering what was wrong. Could you please give me some advice?

    Thank you very much!