To generate VABS input File, is there a way to write  input file....

  1. Salim Chaibi

    To generate VABS input File, is there a way to write  input file.
    I want to generate it for a large structure with lots of nodes.

  2. Wenbin Yu

    Yes, you can use VABS Abaqus GUI: if you have Abaqus. We are also currently developing a code called PreVABS to help generating inputs for VABS. If you need it, please let us know. ---- Emailed forum response from
  3. Salim Chaibi

    For Abaqus  :

    I have already downloaded it but, I had a problem when i was creating the Layup.
    Indeed i Have a message box "global name 'mid-name' is not defined'"

    I don't know how to solve it. I join XML files in attachment.

    I will be interested about PreVABS please.

    thank you Doctor Yu

  4. Su Tian

    I have uploaded the GUI code with the bug fixed. Please download and try it again.

    If you have any other issues, please let me know.

    Thank you.

  5. Salim Chaibi

    So I have downloaded the package.
    Is it normal that when i unzip the name of the folder is "abaqus-swiftcomp_gui" ?
    You should modify the explanation on the pdf because know we have to write the correct name of the folder in "abaqus.aev".
    I did it by my own way but maybe some peoples will not understand.

    It's ok to create layup but know I  have an other error when I'm trying to Assign Layups.

    Please see in attachment.
    Thank you for your help 


  6. Su Tian

    Thank you for your advice. I have just changed the folder name back to the previous one.

    For your model, can you try to partition the cross section into two parts and assign the layup again?

  7. Salim Chaibi

    Why should have I to partition ?


  8. Su Tian

    This is the limitation of the current version. The 'assign layup' function needs to find two ends of the laminate.

  9. Salim Chaibi

    okay, I did it but it still doesn't running.
    I join my Abaqus cae file.
    If you can take a look please.
    Thank you

  10. Su Tian

    Hi Salim,

    Recently we published a new preprocessor for VABS, PreVABS, on cdmHub. You can download it here: This tool allows you to build your tube model through a few parameters automatically, instead of clicking in a GUI. I have prepared the package of input files for your model. To run it, first download and unzip the PreVABS package. Then download and unzip the attachment into the root directory of PreVABS, for example c:\prevabs-v0.3\. Open cmd.exe and change the directory to this location, and run the following command:

    prevabs -i tube/tube.xml

    The VABS input file will be generated in the tube folder, 'tube_vabs.dat'. If you want to see the meshed cross section, you can add another option '-v' in the command and run. If you want to change the outer radius, you can go to the file 'baselines.xml', and change the number between the tag '<radius>'. To learn more details, please refer to the manual.

    If you still want to use Abaqus, two things might be helpful. First, it seems that the thickness of the tube in the Abaqus sketch does not match the total thickness of the layup used. Second, by 'partition' I mean to partition the part using x-y plane or x-z plane, so that the cross section is divided into upper-lower halves or left-right halves, and then assign the layup separately.

    Hope these are helpful.