How to run VABS with new PreVABS?

  1. Fouzia Noor

    I have prevabs running and i got _vabs.dat and msh files. But i am also looking for the .k file for stiffnesses and inertia results.

    I do have VABSGUI and VABSIII saved in same folder as PreVABS 0.3 version. 

    Can I please get some guidance on how to run VABS with PreVABS? Thanks,

  2. Wenbin Yu

    What flags you used in running prevabs? Is there an *.ech file generated? ---- Emailed forum response from
  3. Fouzia Noor

    .ech file was not generated. and I used 

    1 4
    1 0 0
    0 0 0 0


  4. Wenbin Yu

    I am the flags you put right after prevabs. Something like prevabs -i tube/tube.xml If you can show a screenshot of your execution screen, we can help. ---- Emailed forum response from
  5. Fouzia Noor

    please see attached file. its image of the command i used.


  6. Su Tian

    Use option '-vabs' in your command.

  7. Fouzia Noor

    @ SuTian     -vabs doesnt work, with vabs gui it didnt work  I sued these commands:(VABSGUI.exe --vabs --V), (VABSGUI.exe -vabs -v). I did that in prevabs .3 folder. 

  8. Su Tian

    Could you try to add VABSIII into your system environment path? Then try 'prevabs -i mh104/mh104.xml -vabs' again.

  9. Fouzia Noor

    I've made progress, I just tried 'prevabs -i mh104/mh104.xml -vabs'. Thanks Su.  It doesn't give error anymore, but i didn't create any .K file either. Another window like the command window appears and disappears in a split of a second. 

  10. Su Tian

    We will display VABS messages in the PreVABS command window in a future update. Currently, you can check the message in the '.ech' file. Do you have the VABS license in the working directory 'mh104/'?

  11. Fouzia Noor

    That will be helpful.

    No, i have it in the preVABS folder, which is prevabs-v0.3\mh104

  12. Su Tian

    Currently the license should be always in the same location with the main xml file.

    If you think this is inconvenient, please let us know what might work better for you.

    Thank you.

  13. Fouzia Noor

    I think it would be easier to have license in the main prevabs folder, because I am going to end up having many folders for different blade stations. It will help in better organization. 


    But it still gives no .K file when i put the license in the same folder as the xml file.


  14. Su Tian

    Could you run 'vabsiii mh104_vabs.dat' in that folder? Does this work?

  15. Fouzia Noor

    It worked. It gives a .K file and all others when i ran vabsiii mh104_vabs.dat.  Thanks so much. Really appreciate your help.

    The commands were not just clear from the manual. 

    If i get a .ech file, does that mean there is something wrong with the my input file coding setup?

  16. Wenbin Yu

    You will always get an echo file. It was an output of VABS. At the end of the echo file you should be able to see the error if there is something wrong running VABS. Thanks a lot for being patient. We are working on a more streamlined version right now. ---- Emailed forum response from
  17. Fouzia Noor

    I am having some trouble running my code. I can run the examples using the commands we talked about in this forum earlier. But when i try to run my code, it runs the -vabs and -v and does create the _vabs.dat file. When i run that using vabsIII to get the .k file, it says: I/O error: read material types and characteristics.


    Can i get some idea of where should i look for the problem? 

  18. Fouzia Noor

    its in the materials file. never mind , thanks.