Cann't access the session folder of the online VABS in recent days.

  1. Jinge Chen


    I ran a case by using the online VABS last week without any problem. However, I can not get into the working directory in recent days.  Each time I launched the online VABS tool, I got a session number (let's say 23272). However, the related folder ( .../sessions/23272/) didn't exist and thereby I cann't upload my case file.

    Can anyone tell me what is happening? Thank you very much for your help!

  2. Wenbin Yu

    You need to file this as a ticket to get answer from the IT support. 

  3. Jinge Chen

    Dear Prof. Yu,

    Thank you for your kindly reply!

    I have submitted this problem as a ticket to ask for some support. Hope to successfully access the VABS tool soon.