PreVABS analysis and VABS Recovery

  1. Saeed Khadem Moshir


    I have some difficulties in using PreVABS ANSYS. In the first run in which the recovery flag was 0, after modeling the composite beam and running PreVABS according to the PreVABS user manual, the VABSInputFile.dat.K and VABSInputFile have been generated. I converted the stiffness matrix of the cross-section of the beam obtained by VABS to the ANSYS cross-section stiffness matrix. Then, I did a 1D analysis in ANSYS to obtain displacements, forces and moments of a point in the beam. Next, I ran the PreVABS again with recover flag equal to 1. In this step it is supposed that the VABSInputFile.dat.ELE to be generated. But, I could not find this file in the UserRecovery file. I also searched for this file in the ANSYS working directory. However, I could not find this file.

    In the next step, I imported the obtained displacements, forces and moments into VABSInputfile as the attached file. Then, I used Recover control to see the strains of the cross-section. In this step, the .ELE file was not generated, too.

    Can anyone tell me know that my analysis procedure is correct or not?

    please let me know the reason why .ELE file is not generated?

    Thank you


  2. Su Tian


    Is there any error message from VABS?