variable stiffness concept

  1. Touraj Farsadi

    We are trying to model variable stiffness composite wing model using curvilinear fiber path method. I am wondering if it is possible to model this kind of fiber configuration in VABS software? if yes do you have any manual?


  2. Wenbin Yu

    It is better to show a picture of your structure and how the fibers are curved around for us to decide whether VABS is applicable or not. Without knowing such details, what I can say is that VABS is a cross-sectional analysis. If you think you can approximate the structure as a beam with piecewise constant cross-sections. VABS should be able to provide you the corresponding beam properties. You might need a special software to create the model for VABS to analyze. ---- Emailed forum response from
  3. Anonymous

    Professor Yu, a similar question puzzeled me recently.I'm a composite wind turbine blade engineer. The blade cross sections are conplex,as we can see from the attatchment figure.How calculate every cross scetion property? I have some thoughts about this problem:

    Extracting the cross section information(node coordinates,elment,material property and orientation,layup information)

    Converting the information above to information that VABS can tackle with

    Running VABS

    Extracting properties(mass property matrix, stiffness matrix,etc)

    It's right?

    The cross section profile

  4. Su Tian

    Yes. If you already have meshing data (nodes, elements, etc.), then you only need to do simple data conversions following the manual. If you start from basic design parameters (airfoil points, web positions, etc.), then you need some preprocessing tools that can help you to construct the meshed cross-section.

  5. Vedant Sharma

    Hi! Can someone please tell that what steps I can follow to create particle reinforced composites on the cloud version of Swiftcomp....I know how to do it using the Abaqus GUI but don't know how to do the same on the cloud version. Please help. Thanks On Tue, Nov 12, 2019, 7:30 PM Su Tian @ cdmHUB - The Composites HUB <> wrote: ---- Emailed forum response from
  6. Xin Liu

    You can find detailed steps in the Gmsh4SCmanual.pdf (section 2.2) at