GEBT Aerodynamics Addition

  1. Mann Kyo Cho


    I am currently attempting to integrate a 3D panel code into the dynamic time marching capabilities of GEBT.

    However I had some questions:

    • Are the theta values corresponding to the rotations Rodrigues parameters?

    My thought processes had been to take the initial condition of the beam in the undeformed state with initial freestream conditions in the Panel code to obtain the forces and moments at each member in GEBT.  However I am uncertain as to where these forces and moments are applied in the transient section of GEBT.

    • Where are the forces/moments applied for each time step? So that these can be updated to new forces and moments at each time step based on the new configuration of the beam.
    • Similarly where then are the ui and thetai values calculated and re-inputed at the next time step? So that these values can be extracted into the panel code to determine the new forces and moments?


  2. Su Tian

    Hi Mann Kyo Cho,

    The theta values have been changed to Wiener-Milenkovic parameters.

    Please check this webpage:

    For the last two questions, I attached a brief GEBT flowchart and hope this may help you. I think you may need to look more into the PrescribedCondition module and Solve module in the loop for n steps in the Analysis subroutine.