Hello everyone:A problem puzzeled me recently.I'm a compo...

  1. Anonymous

    Hello everyone:

    A problem puzzeled me recently.I'm a composite wind turbine blade engineer. The blade cross sections are conplex,as we can see from the attatchment figure.How calculate every cross scetion property? I have some thoughts about this problem:

    Extracting the cross section information(node coordinates,elment,material property and orientation,layup information)

    Converting the information above to information that VABS can tackle with

    Running VABS

    Extracting properties(mass property matrix, stiffness matrix,etc)

    It's right?

  2. Wenbin Yu

    The figure is not attached. Normally, you should be able to draw the cross-section using a CAD software, mesh it and extract the information needed for VABS. Currently Hypermesh, and CATIA has direct link to VABS.

  3. Anonymous

    This is the cross-section profile


  4. Wenbin Yu

    Can you try to use PreVABS ?It looks to me that PreVABS should be able to handle this cross-section. 

  5. Guoqing Yu

    Hello, Professor Yu. Today I studied the Pre-vabs. The control file is the key. And I have the blade *.inp(abaqus) and *cdb (ansys). How to translate it to the control file. I want compute the composite blade cross-section property. I studied the BECAS, it has the interface with Ansys 18.0.Does the VABS has interface?Can you give me some suggestions? Thanks a lot!

  6. Wenbin Yu

    We have some interfaces with Ansys and Abaqus. So it depends on how you create the cdb and input files, for a specific structure, we can instruct the model created in a specific way so that these files can be extracted to create input file for VABS. 

  7. Anonymous

    Professor,Yu. The cdb file is exported by another software--FOCUS, a blade design software. And how to instructed the way that the model created?Can you give some suggestion.  I attached the example cdb file.Can you get the prevabs input file?

  8. Su Tian


    PreVABS takes inputs of high-level descriptions of a cross-section, such as the starting and ending of a layup and the list of layers.

    I am not quite familiar with Ansys, but is the attached file for a 3D blade with shell elements instead of for a cross-section? Are you planning to cut cross-sections from this model?