PreVABS Fibre orientation

  1. Subramani Anbazhagan


              I'm little confused about the fibre orientation in Cross-sectional lamina schema data file in PreVABS, for example in the case of a biaxial[+45/-45] material we'll have mechanical properties for the biaxial coupon. Do I have give this two fibre orientations or I can use 0 deg since the layer'll be in +45/-45. if I have to provide two or even three orientations in case of a triaxial material,  How can I provide that in Cross-sectional lamina schema data file. 

    Thank for your time.

  2. Ning Liu

    My opinion is to model it as one layer and  use zero degree fiber orientation and mechanical properties you obtained from coupon test; or if you know the mechanical properties of a single uniaxial lamina [0 degree], then you can model your biaxial laminate as two layer.