Regarding Sections without web

  1. Subramani Anbazhagan


    Is it is possible to use sections without web in PreVABS/VABS, I tried with zero web in the PreVABS profile input. But I'm getting an that I  felt it's Irrelevant, I got the chord tilt has to be set either "Regular" or "tilt", It is set to be "Regular", but I have no Idea why I get this error. How can solve this or Please provide me a rough picture of How to model sections without web. 

    Thank you for your time and understanding.

  2. Wenbin Yu

    I am sorry that you are meeting the difficulty. I try to get help of Dr. Hui Chen who developed PreVABS to solve your problem. In the mean time, can you use VABS ANSYS GUI instead?

  3. Haiqiang She

    To model sections without web in PreVABS, you need to set the total number of webs in cross section to zero in the layup configuration file. The chord line status has to be set to 'Regular'.

  4. Makoto Ueno

    I think I've seen this issue before. If you set NWebs to 0, make sure to comment out or delete any values underneath the "Webi_nd_x, Webi_nd_y..." heading.