problems concerning GEBT

  1. jiang kang

    Hello everyone,

    It seems something goes wrong when I install GEBT  on windows.

    I followed the installion tutorial from gebt, but something goes wrong when I followed this instruction:

    Copy “MakeMA28” from ..GEBT4 (your download package from to ..MA28 (the working folder).

    Honestly, I could not find MakeMA28 from the download package. I take Makefile  from gebtbin for instead, It goes wrong and says"No rule to make target '../src/CPUtime.f90', needed by 'CPUtime.o'.  Stop."

    What's wrong with my installion? Can someone help me with that? Thank you very much!

  2. Su Tian

    Hello Jiang,

    You can download the package from cdmHub ( This package has all files, including 'mc19.f', 'ma28.f' and 'ddep.f'. All you need to do is go to 'gebt/bin/' and build the code by typing 'make'.

  3. jiang kang

    It works,Thanks very much! Su Tian @ cdmHUB - The Composites HUB <> 于2019年12月11日周三 下午1:33写道: ---- Emailed forum response from