GEBT output displacement coordinate system

  1. Thomas Ricard


    I am a bit confused withe the axis convention for the output displacement from Gebt.

    Attached are 2 very simple model. 

    In each of the them we have a 1 element beam full fixed at one end and with a load upon Z at the other end.

    In one model the beam is along the X axis (A)

    In the other model the beam is along the Y axis (B)

     As the Gebt docment specifies that Gebt output displacements areexpressed int he global coodinate system, I would have expected the displacement of the point 2 to be upon Z and X in model A and upon Z and Y on model B.

    But the Gebt output are exaclty the same 

     Point #:            2
       0.0000000E+00  1.5300000E+02  0.0000000E+00
      -1.2524591E-03  4.7423394E-15  5.6675235E-01  5.5426877E-19 -5.5323605E-03  4.4463565E-17
       0.0000000E+00  0.0000000E+00  1.0000000E+01  0.0000000E+00  0.0000000E+00  0.0000000E+00

    This makes me wonder is my model is wrong somehow, if my understanding of the documentation is not correct of if  or if the documention is outof sync with the software. 

    If anyone could have a clew it would be much appreciated.

    Best regards


    PS: the attached file is a ZIP. Please change the extension to open it



  2. Su Tian

    Hello Thomas,

    You need a local frame for the model B, since the beam property is defined along the beam reference line, with is different from the global frame.