Gebt, Problem with Beam in torque

  1. Thomas Ricard


    Here is a small document explaining the problem I am having trying simulate the torque test we perform on tubes.

    He attached document is supposed to be self explanatory.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

    Thanks in advance





  2. Vedant Sharma

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  3. Su Tian

    Hello Thomas,

    Here are two notes and hope they are helpful.

    • A local frame is needed for defining the property matrix correctly for the beam BC. Local frame for AB is the same as the global one, but the one for BC rotates 90 degrees around axis z.
    • GEBT will report zero loads for connection points (point B in this case). Hence, to check balance of loading, you need to use element results.

    I also attached a document with illustration and input/output files, with small numbers ignored. (Please change the file extension from 'txt' to 'zip')

  4. Thomas Ricard


    Thanks a lot for this very clear explanation and example. It works first time and the first results look coherent.

    Thanks again.