GEBT error during compiling MA28.dll: gfortran: error: libgfortran.spec: No such file or directory

  1. gianni taccioli


    I get the following error during MA28.dll compilation.

     gfortran: error: libgfortran.spec: No such file or directory

    I notice that the compilation is discussed many time, I followed all the indications and the tutorial inside the zip, (I also changed the 4 lines inside the mc18.f)

    but I have a different problem.

    Can someone help me?


    thank you.


  2. gianni taccioli


    After some tests, I tried to copy ddfs.f from  "ma28-1.0.0\src" folder instead of "mc19-1.0.0\src" ( differently to the tutorial) and I run single command inside MakeMA28 from the bottom to the top, and I compiled MA28.dll succesfully.

    Comparing ddfs.f from "ma28-1.0.0\src" and  "mc19-1.0.0\src" I notice that the first one is bigger.

    I hope it can be usefull.

  3. Su Tian

    Did you mean "ddeps.f"? I didn't find "ddfs.f".

  4. gianni taccioli

    Yes, I mean “ddeps.f”, it was a typo.