GEBT Modal Issue

  1. Alan Buehne

    I'm trying to use GEBT for modal analysis. As a diagnostic step I attempted to run one of the provided examples so I could cross check against it, but I received the following error message while running: 

        At line 35 of file ../src/blas.f

        Fortran runtime error: Index '2' of dimension 1 of array 'dy' above upper bound of 1

    I have attached the example model. I have also run other models, both from the provided ones and my own, and I have received similar error, although the number of iterations before the error occurs does vary.

  2. Su Tian


    I can run your case without issue on my computer. Where did you get the GEBT code?

  3. Alan Buehne

    I get that error running in the cdmHUB environment.

  4. Haodong Du

    Hi Alan,

    You can try this iVABS bundle, including PreVABS+VABS+msgpi+GEBT+Dakota+gmsh. It's self-contained and installed with one-click. The issue of BLAS is fixed in this release. The standalone version of GEBT will be fixed later.




  5. kshitij gupta

    hi Alan

    I tried to map the as a network drive as instructed. I entered "" when required the network location.

    However, it prompts "The folder you entered does not appear to be valid. Please choose another."

    My computer runs with windows 10 (64bit) if it matters. The WebClient service is also turned on.

    kindly help