Problem with ABAQUS VABS GUI

  1. Nils-Hendrik Leineweber

    Hello Everyone,

    I was following the "General_Cross_Section_Analysis_-_Step-by-Step"-tutorial for the ABAQUS VABS GUI. But when I came to the point of homogenization the SwiftComp Homogenization Window opened instead of the VABS one. It seems like there is only the SwiftComp GUI installed.

    Afterwards I realized the folder in the downloaded VABS GUI zip-file at is actually called "abaqus-swiftcomp_gui".

    So, is the downloaded VABS GUI actually a SwiftComp GUI? And if so, how can I run VABS without any GUI?


    Thanks in advance for your help.


    Nils-Hendrik Leineweber

  2. Su Tian


    The two packages (SwiftComp and VABS) are basically the same, but separated entries are provided ( If you want to use the VABS GUI, you need to start from the command 'abaqus cae -custom'. More details can be found in the Abaqus-VABS GUI manual.




  3. Lu Zhang

    Hello ,
        I'm attempting to install the abaqus swiftcompGUI by adding the path to the PYTHONPATH of Abaqus,but there are some questions about this way abaqus command show Abaqus Error: Command line option "swiftcomp" may not be used with "analysis". after type abaqus swift ,I have been changed accorded to the request and exhibited  the pictures about my changes ,I have no idea about this question.


    Thanks in advance for your help.



  4. Su Tian


    Without doing all those settings, can you start the GUI from the root directory of the package using this command `abaqus cae -custom SwiftCompGUI'?

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