Problem with ABAQUS VABS GUI

  1. Nils-Hendrik Leineweber

    Hello Everyone,

    I was following the "General_Cross_Section_Analysis_-_Step-by-Step"-tutorial for the ABAQUS VABS GUI. But when I came to the point of homogenization the SwiftComp Homogenization Window opened instead of the VABS one. It seems like there is only the SwiftComp GUI installed.

    Afterwards I realized the folder in the downloaded VABS GUI zip-file at is actually called "abaqus-swiftcomp_gui".

    So, is the downloaded VABS GUI actually a SwiftComp GUI? And if so, how can I run VABS without any GUI?


    Thanks in advance for your help.


    Nils-Hendrik Leineweber

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