PreVABS executrion error

  1. WonJong Eun

    Hi all,


    I downloaded PreVABS binary (version 1.2) from cdmHUB.

    But, when I execute PreVABS, a system error msg appears.


    "The code execution cannot proceed because libGmsg-3.0.dll was not found.
    Reinstalling the program may fix this problem."


    Does anyone know how to deal with these errors?



  2. Haodong Du

    Hi WonJong,

    Did you download from ?

    There is a glitch in that release. I just uploaded an updated version. Could you try again? OR you can just rename the libGmsh.dll to libGmsh-3.0.dll. It should fix the problem.

    You are also welcome to try integrated VABS enviroment: This is bundled with VABS/Dakota/gmsh.



  3. WonJong Eun

    Hi Haodong,

    I downloaded again from, and it work well 

    Thank you for your quick reply.

    I also will try to use iVABS