Creating Airfoil Input File for PreVABS

  1. Aqib Ahmed Syed

    How does one create an input file for VABS for an airfoil? I followed the prevabs manual closely and have used the cases for the MH104 file in an assignment for a class before, however, I see no similarities in the MH104 datapoints given online and that provided in the prevabs manual. How would I be able to modify the datapoints for my specific airfoil to resemble the way they are presented for the prevabs input file?  The airfoil of interest is a NACA 4418. 

  2. Dana Frye

    You just require the normalized xy coordinates of the airfoil profile. You can scale it based on the chord length, and/or apply twist within the main input file. 

  3. Aqib Ahmed Syed

    Thank you for the response. That said, I have tried something similar to what you suggested.. only to find some issues with the numbering of points for the airfoil coordinates. As mentioned earlier, I attempted to mimic the datapoint setup given for the MH104, but this did not yield satisfactory results. Do you have a sample prevabs file you did such an analysis on that I may look at? 

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