PreVABS Material File Question

  1. Dana Frye

    Hello all. I had a quick question regarding PreVABS material files. The PreVABS manual says, "All files can have arbitrary file names and be placed at any working directory, except the material database, which must be named as MaterialDB.xml and placed at the same location as where the PreVABS executable is." However, the PreVABS example file "ex_airfoil" has a material file materials.xml which is not in the PreVABS install directory. So is that line in the PreVABS manual true? I'm asking because I suspect this may relate to an error I've gotten. Thanks

  2. Haodong Du

    Hi Dana,

    That instruction is not wrong, but might be misleading. PreVABS try to find MaterialDM.xml, the material database, in the folder of the executable. But each project could define some additional materials, we just don't call it material database. It can be specified in the include tag. Check:

  3. Dana Frye

    Thanks Haodong, much appreciated. Makes sense.