ANSYS command can be used in PREVABS?


    Hello everyone,

    I am currently using ANSYS-GUI PREVABS to do the composite blade lamination. But I need to do many more data, so I was wondering if I could use the ANSYS APDL command to control the prevabs. Or use other soft to achieve use code to control the lamination.

    Thank you

  2. Wenbin Yu

    Do you really have to use ANSYS? If no, our code PreVABS might be a better solution for your problem. If you have to use Ansys, then you can modify from our codes. 

  3. Fang Jiang

    Hello. The ANSYS-VABS GUI was designed to define general composite beam cross sections with some flexibilities. As a result, the method is more of a manual process. However, if in your many more data some common features can be hardcoded, you may want to modify the APDL code of the GUI to customize it for your specific application. I agree with Prof. Yu - PreVABS might be a better solution for this scenario.