PreVABS Control Input Files

  1. Dana Frye

    The preVABS .pdf manual linked on AnalySwift's website ( - dated Dec 8th 2008) has discussion in section 4.1 regarding control input files. I'm specifically interested in setting the plotting flag Is plot area in the control parameter file to ‘Yes’ to enable the area-mesh-monitoring functionality. However with the latest version of preVABS v1.3.0, I'm not able to find the subject file. Is it possible this is out of date? Is anyone aware of how to set the subject control parameter for v1.3.0?

    Thanks in advance. 

  2. Su Tian

    The manual is for an outdated matlab-based code. For the recently developed prevabs, there is no input for the parameter 'is_plot_area'.

    However, starting from version 1.4.0, a similar capability is provided. You can append '--debug' to the prevabs command to let the code plot the cross-section at some key intermediate steps during the modeling process. This will create multiple gmsh geometry files with the name '<cross-section-name>_debug_#.geo' where '#' is a counting number and an option file '<cross-section-name>_debug.opt'. Then you can use the command 'gmsh <cross-section-name>_debug_#.geo <cross-section-name>_debug.opt' to visualize the cross-section in gmsh. Also, the log file '<cross-section-name>.log' records the detailed modeling steps and the corresponding milestones where the .geo files are created. This can help you to locate the step where the modeling cannot proceed.

  3. Dana Frye

    Awesome, thank you sir!