Doubt about Ansys Vabs and cdmhub server in order to use online Vabs

  1. Lucas Camilo Miatelo Ramalho

    Dear Colleagues,


    I am studying vibration of a rotary wing composite blade. I have been used the ANSYS-VABS Graphic User Interface (GUI), to discretize the properties of two-dimensional model for unidirectional. I am having some problems to use VABS. I would like to know if you could help me.


    1. After performing a modeling in ANSYS-VABS, the .dat file was generated. However, I could not find VABSIII.exe, in order to generate the .dat.K file.


    1. I am having trouble uploading the input file to your cdmhub server in order to use online Vabs executable. Would you have any suggestion of the problem?


    Best regards

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    1. Wenbin Yu

      You need to request VABSIII.exe from AnalySwift at

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