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TexGen Yarn linear Density

  1. Vivek Dhimole

    Dear sir,

    I am assigning material properties in TexGen for yarn. It is showing yarn linear density in Kg/m and fiber density in kg/m3 so is this miss spell or there is some meaning of this too.

    and if I put density for fiber volume fraction and select the yarn for showing its volume fraction it shows yarn fiber volume fraction,so is it the volume of fiber in the yarn,

    and what shows by a domain volume fraction like is it except yarn volume.

    and further, if I import that model in Abaqus with mm unit and density giving in m unit will there is unit inconsistency or fine.


    Most of the example I saw in your youtube channel you didn't assign density as a property is it no effect.

    and last doubt about axis like 12 13 and 23 is it xy xz and yz.

    Thanking you


    Best Regards


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    1. Xin Liu

      Hi Vivek,

      For the questions related to texgen such as the density or fiber volume you mentioned, please refer to the texgen manual or ask questions on texgen forum. The texgen developers can help you.

      For the youtube example question, the information you mentioned is not used when we perform homogenization analysis, and you are right that 12, 13 and 23 are corresponding to xy, xz, and yz.


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